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Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order, Producer

Disney + and Freeform

XTR Studios

Sasha Reid and the Midnight Order is a five part documentary series that follows Reid and her secret society who share a common obsession — the dark psychology of those who commit harm and the desire to protect those that law enforcement has ignored. They band together to work outside the system to protect the vulnerable, solve cold cases, and dive into the dark minds of killers using forensic expertise and world-class data skills. Their motto is to have compassion first, but let the evidence lead.

an update on our family, Producer

HBO MAX Original

Vox Media Studios Production

Three part documentary series about family vloggers slated for HBOMax in 2024.

Tribeca Premiere, 2024

One Shot One Kill, Producer

Produced by Chicken & Egg Pictures in partnership with Mother Jones

One Shot One Kill” is an immersive verite documentary short that follows a father and his two sons as they embark on their annual deer hunting trip in rural Tennessee. This family tradition connects the Neal family to the beauty of the land, the tradition of hunting, and what it means to be both a hunter and gun owner in the United States today.

Password available upon request

Retro Tech Season 1, Field and Research Producer

Retro Tech Season 2, Segment Producer

Vox Media and Youtube Originals

RetroTech is a documentary series that explores how iconic technology of the past came to life and changed history. Season two looks at how the past promises of futuristic technology have influenced our aspirations and perceptions of world around us.

unmappable, Co-Director and Co-Producer

  • SXSW Premiere

  • Programmers Award for Artistic Vision: New Orleans Film Fetival

  • Grand Jury Award for Best Documentary Short: Florida Film Festival

unmappable is a documentary short that weaves together the life and work of iconoclastic psychogeographer and convicted sex offender, Denis Wood. This meditative portrait will unveil the inner workings of a man whose work is lauded as poetic, artful and innovative – a man who unapologetically pushes boundaries both personally and professionally. It explores the events that have defined his life by pointing at ideas, thoughts and beliefs that we usually do not think of as being mappable or explainable.

Additional Work:

Editing Samples, password available upon request.

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